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Solve power/signal common transmission pain point, saige launched the new broadcast call system cable!

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During the construction of traditional public broadcasting, because there is a magnetic field around the power transmission line, if the power transmission line is too close to the signal transmission line, it will affect the weak current signal. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the power transmission line and the signal transmission line need to be laid separately.


To seize the market pain point, after the r & d department's r & d and a lot of tests, the new professional cable of the r & d system has been officially launched to the market. The use of this cable can save about half of the cable conduit, and the cable procurement cost will be greatly reduced, and the labor cost can also be reduced by nearly half.

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At present, this product has been used in a number of large domestic square and stadium projects, and overseas customers such as Indonesia and Vietnam have also started to use it in batches in public broadcasting system and other aspects, and the customer feedback is very good.

This cable is suitable for power control signal transmission. The cable core adopts the twisted structure, which has strong interference suppression ability.


The cable internal power transmission part adopts the stranded soft copper wire to guarantee the efficient electrical transmission performance. The insulation is made of silane crosslinked polyethylene, and its mechanical properties, heat resistance, chemical resistance and stress resistance are greatly improved compared with traditional insulation materials. After insulation, the inner layer of the three-core lay is combined and added to the ground wire to make the cable.

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The outer layer is made of a single copper conductor, and the outer layer is insulated with modified polyethylene material. Each pair is twisted at a specific pitch (7 pairs in total), and the inner layer is cabled. The outer sheath is made of green, safe and environmental-friendly halogen-free flame retardant material, with excellent flame retardant performance, low toxicity, low corrosion, low smoke, etc. It is not easy to burn, and can effectively prevent the flame from spreading. Moreover, even if the cable is burned, the smoke and toxic gas released are very few.


Saige group, founded in 1993, specializes in the development, manufacture and sales of engineering cables, weak current cables, electronic cables and comprehensive wiring. Seg is one of the largest and most influential enterprises in China's weak current transmission industry. It has been leading in domestic production and sales for many years. It is an early domestic enterprise that develops and produces weak current cables, industrial application cables and comprehensive wiring products. Our products have been applied to thousands of key national projects such as Shanghai world expo, shenzhen universiade, hangzhou bay bridge across the sea and many high-speed railway subways.